Waterford Drive

I’ve driven by this home dozens of times – it’s just a few blocks from my office – and I’ve always been intrigued by it’s unique style, by the driveway bridge over the ravine, and by the-one-of-a-kind property it sits on.

So when the owner called to talk about a whole house remodeling and room addition, I was thrilled – I’d always wanted to see more of the home, and to meet the people who lived in it. It’s been a fun project, and I’m very pleased with the way everything turned out.

Here’s how the house looked the first time I saw it – a long open porch connected the house to the garage. It didn’t quite fit the character of the house, and it was one of the first things we changed.

From across the ravine, the special setting of the house is easy to see.¬† The new work in this picture includes the new front porch; the new gabled music room next to the porch; the new “hood” roof and brackets and balcony, and a new front patio. You can see the extent of the exterior work by comparing the photo above with the one below.

The music room was created by bumping out a new gable at the front of the house (see the front photo above and photo below).


The overall view of the main living area shows how wide open the house really is. The spiral stair was already in place, so we incorporated it into the new layout.¬† In addition to all the new finishes in the house, the photo above shows other big changes. Compared to the “before” photo below, you can see how the music room opened up the left side, and how taking down the wall between the breakfast room and kitchen made a world of difference.

The kitchen is completely new, although it’s in more or less the same place, as is the breakfast area. Below is a sketch I did during the design phase of the project – I think the finished kitchen turned out just like we wanted!

The project also included a significant addition – we connected the house to the detached garage with a small mudroom area, laundry room, and owner’s bedroom suite. Photos of the owner’s suite are below.

Photography: CA Robinson Photographic

Builder: Gorman Builders

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