How to Be Sure You’re Getting a Fair Price on Your New Home or Remodeling Project

Earlier this year a gentleman stopped by the house to ask if he could give me a quote on trimming the trees in my yard – a fairly frequent event on my street, which has a lot of older trees.

I’ve lived here long enough to have talked to dozens of tree trimmers. So I pretty much knew what to expect as soon as he pulled in the driveway in his spotless pickup truck. The truck with the custom graphics, the chrome wheels, and the boat hitch on the back.

The 3 Big Things That Have the Most Impact on the Cost of Your New Home

You want the best house you can get, with an interesting, family-friendly layout, an attractive exterior, and nice finishes – without blowing up your budget.

But if you get heavily invested (emotionally and financially) in a design before you have a handle on potential costs, you’ll end up cutting costs at the very end of the process, resulting in an unsatisfying, stripped-down house.

Controlling costs early on isn’t just about how much you spend on finishes, it’s about size and complexity, too.