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Beech Ridge Road

The “Lake House” as the owners call it, has at it’s center a staircase wrapping around the chimney – all the rooms are arranged around this core, giving every room in the house an outside wall with windows and views. The core is topped with a windowed “lantern” that draws daylight deep into the center of the house and acts as a lighthouse at night.

An open floor plan allows easy flow between the living areas and gives every room great views of the pond that the home sits on.

The owners had this to say about working with RTA Studio:

“Just thinking about our meeting yesterday. I very much appreciated your perceptiveness and creativity. You are a great listener. I look forward to our next rendition. Thanks for everything.”

“As you know this is still your place and we love it dearly. What a wonderful set of spaces and the functionality of it is just awesome. It truly has worked out better than we would have imagined when we started this process.”

“…like the house, lots of personal touch. We will think of you often and remember the creativity of the process. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”