Re-Learning The Meaning Of “Home”

For much of the history of this nation, “home” was defined in the community sense as much as it was individual “house” sense.

Home always was a village, a town, a neighborhood, and the people we shared that community with.

Home was something larger than just the house we lived in.

But affluence changed that. No longer do we need to go out to the movies; we can build a movie theater right in our own home.

Why meet friends at the local tavern, when we’ve got a perfectly good full-sized bar in the basement, complete with neon beer signs and fake brick walls?

And what’s the point of joining the community at the park for the Independence Day fireworks show when we can hold our own “show” on our 2-acre lawn?

For many families, the “convenience” that affluence bred has evaporated.  But in the dust that remains, many have found specks of gold.  They’ve ventured out from behind the walls of their castles and discovered the simple joys of community.

A wonderful opportunity is before us to reconnect with our neighbors, to recreate our communities.

It’s a chance to remember how much we have to gain by bumping into our friends and neighbors outside the movie theatre; a chance to share a drink with a stranger at the pub and get to know him; a chance to experience the community spirit of watching fireworks on a blanket at the park with a picnic basket.

It’s time to rebuild our sense of community, and relearn a greater meaning of “home”.

At Sense Of Place we’re excited to be a part of this new awareness of the meaning of home.

And that’s what this blog is all about!

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  • Chris Kelly

    I like the homes with the porch in the front of the home instead of the garage. The large porches of old allowed a confortable space to meet with the neighbors and friends. I have seen allot of these homes in the southern states. Even though we do not have the warm weather that the southern states do, I think that there is room for this influence on our homes here in Ohio.

    02/23/2011 at 11:17 pm
  • Perfect example of the connection, Chris. The TV turned our lives inward, away from the street and the community. I write this just having sat through 2 hours of American Idol, however…

    02/23/2011 at 11:23 pm

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